130 Pound Drama

I’m still having drama around a 130pound goal weight. I’m currently 5’6, 217lbs, and 32 years old. I’ve been doing thought work on my drama. The thought that resonated the most with me from my thought download was that I am afraid of who I will become and who I will lose on the way to that goal weight.

I am not just afraid that I will become a totally different person. I am actually afraid that I will become Vain and conceited. I don’t want to become either. I remember being my goal weight previously and my mother telling me that I was vain. The thought of a new identity is exciting but also very scary. Based on the work I have done over the last year, I know that every time I evolve I lose people along the way.

I would like some coaching on this as I believe it was the problem when I finally reached under 200 lb. the first time. I started to see myself in a new light and other people really started to notice my weight loss and it freaked me out so I gained back some of the weight. I re -committed to my goal and this journey, but want to start working on this old thought pattern before I reach the under 200 lb mark again.

Thanks in advance!