16 of 25 actions

Having a hard time coming up with my remaining fails/actions for losinf 100 lbs. My list:
1 plan exceptions weekly
2 weigh myself daily
3 accumulate 100 urges in q1
4 tdls and models daily
5 no snacking
6 no sugar no flour
7 write down everything i eat
8 stay on protocol 100%
9 fast breakfast daily
10 never use food to buffer
11 reach out for help instead of isolating if i make a mistake
12 grocery shop weekly to have healthy food options
13 plan extra carefully on weekends and days off
14 only drink water, black coffee and unsweetened tea
15 do models on why i associate days home with food
16 no binge buckets. Account for everything. No “starting over”.

Am i on the right track? Can you give me some ideas to help me figure out the remaing 9?