$161K Income Goal for 2020

My impossible goal for 2020 is to earn $161,725.00 or more. I plan to accomplish this through teaching/coaching, live performance, speaking engagements and an online business, but I will be open to receiving money from other sources I haven’t even thought of yet. I will trust that the “how” will be revealed to me.

When I think about this goal, I start to freak out, but I guess that mean’s I’m on the right track, yes? I’m a musician and a music teacher and I love the work I do. However, the most I’ve ever made in a year so far (over the course of a nearly 30-year career) is ~$40k. I frequently feel ashamed of this, like I could have done so much better. I also frequently have thoughts like “this is just the way it is for someone in my profession”, “other people could accomplish a big income goal, but not me”, etc. etc. I saw a coaching call recently with a woman who has a similar goal and Brooke asked her where she was on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of believing she could do it, and she said she was about a 1.5. I think I’m probably pretty close to that as well: 1.5, maybe 2!

I used to be so embarrassed by this goal that I was afraid of sharing it with anyone. However, I have started talking about it in my weekly coaching sessions, and I finally got up the courage to post it here after seeing that other Scholars share similar impossible goals. (Yes, even though this is an anonymous forum, it was still uncomfortable!)

What’s your best advice on strategies I could use to become someone who “believes hard” that I can become the kind of person who can achieve an impossible goal like this?