1st year break even and big bites

Hi Brooke! I am planning to attend your coaching certification training in 2018. I am spending 2017 preparing for the future business I want to have. I am believing BIG. My goal for 2017 is to write a book and create the written content for a program. I finished the 1st draft of my book today! Yay!!! My September goal was to finish the 1st draft, but when I started planning and scheduling it my creativity exploded and I now have it done. So now my September goal is to comb back through it and get it up to 30,000 words (it is currently just over 21,000) and get it in a more polished version. Then I plan to jump into program content, and have both of those products ready to be presented to an agent to get help with the next step toward being published by the time I am certified. Once I am certified, I plan to get my coaching business going and hopefully be working on publication as well as to begin making the video content for the program. I know that you suggest we start with a focus on one thing, but I have a year to wait for training, so I started with the book which should be ready for active pursuit of publishing by the time I become a coach. Is it realistic to expect to do both? I wanted to be published and running the program by the 3rd year with that being my main focus. 1 on 1 coaching is not my end goal. I plan to do that for building proficiency during my 1st year as a coach so that I become good at the coaching I plan to do within the program. I don’t want to push the book and program back another year to focus on coaching nor do I want to publish before I am a trained coach, but I have a feeling you would advise against doing them both in the same year because it would be biting off too much in one bite. What do you think?
Another question is whether my 1st year-the break even year-would be a $0 jobbie since I am creating assets this year without investing money, and I should expect to make money the 1st year I am a coach; or if my break even year would be next year with what I invest in getting it all going?