2 issues – Weight loss stagnated and Went off protocol – disappointed in not keeping commitment to myself

1) I have been on no flour, sugar, alcohol since Jan 2 and feel great! Down 12 pounds, but stagnant for the last month. Upon reviewing my food log, I think it had to do with afternoon snacking, so I’ve modified my protocol and am having dinner earlier, which is preventing the big afternoon snack (now window is 11:30a-7p). I have a fairly strict, but easy to follow protocol. Two main healthy meals: Lunch – big salad, 4 oz protein, 2 oz fat, nuts and Dinner -6 oz protein and lots of veggies and a snack of nuts or cheese, usually with a diet coke or fresca in between. I’d love your thoughts on this. I think you are going to ask me to get rid of the snack and/or dc/fresca. 🙂
2) I planned a joy eat for last night. I knew I was going to a 7p fundraiser cocktail party where there would be yummy food. I planned one glass of wine and 3 mini desert bites. I made a delicious, healthy dinner for my husband and I before hand. I went satisfied but not stuffed. I had a few appetizers, all on protocol (removing toast from beef tenderloin etc). I drank my glass of wine and was satisfied with that. No need for another. But with the deserts I was not successful sticking with my plan. I purposely lost count of how many I had – likely about 12 (again they were bite size). I did a thought download this morning to get to the root of the issue. I’m definitely disappointed in myself. I’ve listened to your training in many contexts – on knowing I can rely on myself 100% of the time and what would it feel like to commit something to myself and have a track record of meeting that 100% of the time. I want to be there. But I wasn’t. Although I’ve gone off protocol in small ways throughout the last 2 1/2 months, this was my first “big one.” Through my TD I determined that I come from a place of scarcity. Here are all of these delicious desserts, they won’t be here tomorrow, so I’d better enjoy them now. They are just there waiting to be eaten. And no, my body did not feel good after – slept poorly and stomach doesn’t feel great today.
I’m feeling good to go back on protocol today. Wondering what your thoughts are and how to strategize in advance for next time I’m in this situation.
Thank you!