2 Part – help with model and how to make it great

For the past week I have been angry with my boyfriend. He has stood me up and now he isn’t initiating communication even though he claims to love me and want to be with me.

I need help with my models because I don’t see how my result ties back to my thought. I seem to work the model result line as what happens as a result of my action. Also sometimes I think my action might actually be the result.

C – plans
T – he’s an asshole
F – angry
A – I sulk
R – text him to complain.

I also don’t see how to make this great. I can allow myself to see it differently. This is what I came up with.

C plans
T he is who he is
F less angry
A don’t focus on his actions
R let him be who he is which lets me let go of anger.

This cycle in our relationship has been going on for about a year now.
Version 2
C relationship
T it may be time to end it
F sad
A delay inevitable
R unsure if we can make it work

C relationship
T I should take a break to think
F sad
A think and reflect
R use time to make a good decision