2 Questions-Impossible Goal- Billionaire

December Workbook Pg. 19
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I need help with the result that proves the impossible goal has been achieved. The goal I chose was to be a billionaire but my results are turning into a world recycling program. (which was one of my brainstorming goals I didn’t choose for the impossible goal). Should I change my goal or change the results? Please provide any suggestions to help me move forward.
My impossible Goal:
My goal is to be a billionaire.
Exact Result that proves it has been achieved:
I will be donating millions of dollars towards recycling organizations and seeing improved results in stores, (trash being recycled, made useful) on the streets, schools and oceans. I will be working with a great team of people that are willing to do whatever it takes to leave this world a better place.
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Daily Models
Please point me in the right direction. Since we are advised to focus on our goal, I keep coming up with similar circumstances: I am not a billionaire, Failing at being a billionaire, People are billionaires and Money
Thank you in advance!