2 year old

My 2-year-old will not go to sleep at night until like 11pm or even 12am sometimes lately.

I feel so frustrated and I am starting to resent him. I lay down with him at 9pm and he just will not go to sleep. I am so angry that I am wasting so many hours trying to get him to fall asleep for 2 to 3 hours. Then I am exhausted in the morning and cannot wake up in time and I am rushing around in the morning.

I am up right now typing this because he is still awake and it is 11pm. I am pissed off and I know it’s my thoughts about it, but I am so sick of dealing with this every day. I planned on waking up early tomorrow, but once again it will not happen. I am just venting I guess. I feel like he should be asleep by at least 9:30, but it’s not happening.