$200K vs $500K

I was going to ask how it is possible to be both (a) satisfied with $200K and (b) want an impossible goal of $500K? As I thought about this I came up with these models.

Model 1: Satisfied with $200K with no desire for $500K
C: Current income $200K.
T: I have the perfect job. Everything is wonderful.
F: Satisfaction.
A: Continue working at job and delivering.
R: Incremental promotions and bonuses.

Model 2: Desire for $500K
C: Current income $200K.
T: I wonder if it is possible to make $500K in a year through internet marketing.
F: This will be fun.
A: Make multiple attempts to create online business.
R: $500K.

I would have thought that these models would contradict each other. But I am able to hold the two ideas in my head at the same time.

Are there ways to reconcile these? Or do I just hold two different models in my head at the same time?