2017 SCS Results! :)

Hey Hey Brooke! What a crazy awesome year it’s been, thanks to you and SCS! Just wanted to do a year-end wrap-up … because so much has happened. I quit drinking. Completely. From “That’s IMPOSSIBLE … to OMG, this might be DOABLE … to DONE” – that has been life-changing. Life. Changing.

BUT — the “Other Stuff” has been massive, too. With your coaching, I finally figured out how to love myself fully and realize I’m enough (and always have been). My relationship with my partner has gone from up-and-down … to really loving and fun – with a lot more laughter! I changed up my diet and have a wonderfully constrainted protocol I follow. I figured out (after much experimentation and work) my weird stress-eating thing. I stopped fearing money and living from a place of scarcity and “not enough” and constant worry. I stopped hating my old business. I started a new business. I figured out my “fear of the new business” procrastination situation – and I’m happily building out my new coaching program every day. And on and on and on… 😀

Maybe the biggest thing I got out of everything – was that I wasn’t who I thought I was. I had this entire belief system about who I was … a drinker, a stress-eater, a procrastinator, a money worrier, etc. … all of these labels. And through 2017, I realized that these labels aren’t affixed – and that if I’m anything, it’s just creativity and possibility and fun. 🙂

I just wanted to say – as we round up 2017 – thank you so, SO much for everything that you do! This is one of the first times in many years where the new year LEGITIMATELY looks amazing – because I now have the thoughts and plans to actively MAKE it what I want it (and also open to whatever comes my way).

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Thanks Again, Brooke! You’re the best! 😀