2018 Certification

Just got off the call with Jody about next year’s certification course. I am full of thoughts and doubts. Part of me wonders if it’s the right thing for me (I have a pretty successful health and coaching practice). And yet, part of me is so drawn to it. That latter part wants to see my full potential. I also know that your work can help change lives and there is nothing I would rather do.

Unintentional model

C: LCS certification
T: Not sure if I need it
F: Doubtful
A: Not sign up
R: Do not go through certification (and may regret it)

C: LCS certification
T: It will take me to the next level and reach my full potential
F: Excited, Thrilled (and scared at the same time)
A: Sign up with confidence
R: Get certified, Change lives of others as well as my own