2018 Coach Training Model

Hi Brooke! I am on the list of candidates for your 2018 Coach Training. The next step is the interview with Jody. As I have been thinking about this and preparing for it, I decided to create a model around it. My model has the result, “Admitted to 2018 Coach Training” and I want the actions I am taking between now and the actual interview to make my result inevitable. My model is below. Are there any other actions I should include in the model to guarantee that I achieve my result? What about my thoughts/feelings – any suggestions? Thank you so much for your help and I am so looking forward to meeting you in person and to learn from you next September!

C: Interview with Jody

T: I will learn every skill and take every action needed to be prepared for the interview and make being admitted to 2018 training inevitable.

F: unstoppable

A: SCS work every day

Blog post every week (I have been blogging for several months to find and strengthen my voice)

Meditate/visualize my future self at the training and ask self what other actions I took to guarantee this result, make a list and put them on my calendar

Entrepreneur program – rewatch and do the work

Money program – rewatch and do the work

Extend love and gratitude to my 9 – 5 job for supporting my training financially

Plan for payment of tuition on 3/1 – $ is set aside and waiting

Schedule 2 week sabbatical from work to attend training

Practice coaching 1 hour each day – if no coaching session scheduled on a day, watch recorded Model Q&A calls and Live Coaching calls and act as the coach

Prepare responses/answers to Jody’s 2 questions

Practice interview responses

R: Admitted to 2018 Coach Training