2018 goal. Impossible or more impossible?

Hi Brooke

I started the December workbook. Did the brainstorm, Sat down for all the impossibilities and then arrived at page 29: 25 epic fails.
I read the example you used: Selling art, paintings, and felt that is about me. I joined SCS in October because I want to sell my art, not just make art. I’ve made some steps, sold two. It’s (feels as) still an ‘impossible’ project, but for 2018 I’ve an even more challenging one, since I didn’t want to use the one that I already have started, although it’s still in the pre-mature phase.

For 2018 I’ve decided on making a documentary of 20″, that has to be ready (edited, on line) on a subject that I really love. I’m not a filmmaker. I’ve only experience in doing research for documentaries. Have done a short crash course on film and bought a second hand prof camera, a tripod and some new mikes. So this documentary sits really in the impossible goal department!
and then… reading you example I started to doubt (!) should I stay with the sale of my paintings, since that has not taken off yet…

For the docu’s subject/story I feel enthusiasm/curiosity, for the making of it I’m scared as hell.
For my paintings I feel love and enthusiasm, for the sale-part dread and resistance.

Please advice. Thanks.