^2018 goal

Hi Brooke

I’ve been working on starting an NLP/Reiki business over the last few months. But since I discovered Scholars in October, I’m a convert. Now I have my heart set on your coaching course in 2018, because your work makes more sense than anything else I’ve ever done. It’s the missing link. I want so much to learn and be able to pass it on to others. I’m excited about the 2018 impossible goal, which I thought was going to be building a successful life coach business. But last night a different goal came up.

I’ve never had my own house. I never felt like I deserved one. Then three years ago I bought the perfect house, the one I’ve always dreamed of, down the coast 3 hours drive from Sydney, where I live and work in IT. I’ve been studying hard ever since then to re-specialise in energetic healing so I could leave my IT job in the city and start my new life and business down the coast in my house. It never happened. My health went a bit sideways and my IT job situation kept getting worse and worse. I lost money. I had to sell the house. I never even moved in. Then I quit my IT job in June this year because I could see the stress was killing me and I HAD to accelerate the career change. Two weeks later I had a heart attack. I left my run too late.

Last night when I connected with my heart, it told me I should put my home first. That the dream was not dead, just pull back the curtain. So maybe my goal for 2018 is a home? That’s pretty impossible, right? I’m thinking if I make this my goal, then implicit in this is wild business success. I will give the business my absolute attention and it will fund the house and the house will show up in due course.

I don’t want to pull focus on the business, it’s very important to me to do this work. It’s heart work. It connects me to people. I need this.

Brooke, what would you do?