2018 impossible (!) goal-AG

Hello Brooke,

I want to share my impossible goal for 2018 and what came up for me.
I guess when I write down my goal here it will become real, there is no other way but go for it.
By the end of the 2018 I want to stop binge eating, get fit (run spartan race and 5k or half marathon), weight 140 lbs (this is 55 lbs weight loss for me). When I wrote this down my brain totally freaked out. “You want to do WHAT!!!” I just realized that being overweight and not taking care of myself is/was an excuse to not showing up, stay small and play low. Also I notice the fear of loosing weight. I am afraid of being seen and getting hurt. That will explain why i sabotage myself every time I loose weight in the past. This is also is interesting observation because at the same time I want to be noticed and make a difference in the world. I want to be an example what is possible.

I’m excited and freaked out at the same time.