2018 Impossible Goal & Thank You

Hi Brooke,

This is not really a question, but more of a public declaration of my goal and a thank you to you and your team.

I am just getting started writing out December work because I was fulfilling a dream of taking a 6 week sabbatical in Paris to decide what I want to do next professionally (and personally). My sabbatical started in early November and I didn’t formally do the scholars workbooks there, but it was actually aligning perfectly with the Dec work (before I even knew the topic) because it yielded the inspiration for what I want to do next. A big shout out to Suzy who coached me to taking the sabbatical and a special shout out to fellow SCS member Clotilde who I got to meet in Paris and was a huge inspiration.

My 2018 impossible goal is to build a business around helping successful women in their 40s and up – particularly those like myself who are childless – who have achieved the professional success they have wanted to, but feel as though something is missing, primarily that they want to do more to leave a legacy.

I have a huge vision for this and crazy revenue goals. I don’t know at what point these become so out there that it’s like “desiring to fly without wings”, but I am so excited about it and the purposeful fails. Which says a lot from someone who was brought up being taught never to fail.

Thank you for everything you have taught us this year. It’s been amazing. The December work is the best yet, and I am so looking forward to 2018.

Wishing you, your team, and all my fellow SCS students a happy, healthy and wildly successful 2018!