2019 Impossible Goal

Hi Brooke,
My impossible goal is to make $1 Million in sales in 2019. This will be doubling the amount of sales we made this year! It is very scary but very exciting to think about. A year ago I would have never considered this kind of number, especially this soon in the game since we’ve only been in business for one year. It’s fascinating how the exercises in the workbook have me pull out ideas that I either haven’t considered or was too scared to consider.
The best part is the thinking of the person I will become in this process, also something I had no idea how to do before, or even considered. I am excited for becoming the person who accomplished the goal of making $1 million in sales in a year, because this will require me to not only like myself, but to really love myself, which will lead to self-confidence and willingness to fail, which will lead to becoming an excellent saleswoman and businesswoman who knows her customers and who knows how to serve them. And who knows how to truly show up in the world. This process will allow me to truly get to know myself and to grow beyond anything I could have thought to dream of. Which means thinking of impossible goals for the years to come will be such an exciting adventure and a lifelong journey of self-growth! It’s nice to have guidance on how to lay out a step-by-step plan. And now I know it’s all up to me to make all this happen. Thank you Brooke for teaching us how to realize our dreams!

P.S. I love seeing your puppies in your videos:)