2020 goal affected by Coronavirus?

My question is whether or not changing my 2020 goal is wise or a missing a good opportunity for failure. My goal was to run a marathon in 36 states. I was able to do 3 before March when events became canceled
My question is should I just process each missed race as a “failure” and learn from my thoughts about it? This would also involve waiting to see if any are available as the year goes on, and doing those. Or I could change travel plans to be later in the year with the hopes things will let up and just run an unorganized 26.2 miles on my own in the remaining 33 states? Or should I begin another impossible goal? I feel like this goal, and the cancellation of events could be a teacher for me, but I also want to consider myself proactive in striving for it, while learning.
Thanks for any insight you have!