2020 Impossible Goal – finish 2019 goal first?

Hi Coaches! I made my list today and I’m struggling to pick one “impossible goal”. I know the instructions said that if I found some that solved for others, then that’s the right one. The one that falls into that category is “weigh 148 pounds and also run a sub 2 hour half marathon”. The thing is, I’m well on my way to both goals and they don’t feel impossible. Yesterday I ran a 10:15 pace (need to run a 9 minute mile to make that goal, for the full half) and I’m 24 pounds from my impossible weight goal.

My other “impossible goal” that really excites me is starting my own consulting business, enabling me to earn $300k per year and also travel for 2 months out of the year. This is the one I want to choose but I worry about derailing the one I’m in the middle of achieving. I went “all in” on weight loss and it’s working, though slower than I had hoped (15 pounds down since October). Should I focus on getting to that goal first (likely by the end of Q1 2020) and THEN focus on the business? Maybe I can still set up 25 epic fails in Q1 without derailing my other goal? What I have found REALLY helpful is goal constraint. I’m lighter than I have been in 3 years and I think it’s because I’ve gone all in.

Help! Thank you!