2020 impossible goal – Lose 100 pounds

The peek I’ve taken at this subject in December’s materials has my head kinda reeling!

The very first thought was “lose 100 pounds”.

I’m 5’1″, and 255 pounds. I’ve been clinically obese for… pushing three decades. We don’t have time for me to list all the things I’ve tried, but a snapshot would be – medically supervised fast, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, assorted diets, etc. All largely unsuccessful. I typically have a deep feeling of resignation that I really CAN’T change this, along with a nice dose of shame.

When I think “I want my Impossible Goal to be ‘Lose 100 Pounds'” – My brain goes into overdrive telling me what a waste of time THAT would be. It makes me want to run screaming away from that thought.

So…is that exactly the kind of thing we’re looking for here? Something I’ve tried so many times I’ve lost count and never succeeded at? Your thoughts appreciated!