2020 Impossible Goal(s)

I am currently engaged in the CCP program with a planned completion date of September 2020 (including track). I am seeing practice clients as well as one paying client at this time and want to continue to focus the majority of my efforts on accomplishing a 2020 goal related to my life coaching practice.
Likewise, I have a political issue that is near and dear to my heart that I am working on and learning to navigate in totally foreign territory for me. The next Texas legislative sessions will begin in 2021 and I have work to do if I want to see my impossible goal in this realm become a reality. Since this is such new territory I am not sure the time commitment nor can I clearly delineate all of what lies ahead of me. Certainly there are many known actions to take relative to the cause I am pursuing and at this juncture in my learning curve possibly just as many unknowns.
At this point I am feeling adamant to go after impossible goals in both of these areas realizing that neither may be realized to the extent they otherwise may have been if I had had a singular focus.
Any feedback to help me evaluate my stance at this juncture is greatly appreciated in advance.