#214 Drama Podcast – Question

Hi Brooke/Coaches,
I was listening to the “#214 Drama” podcast, and started thinking about the last situation that I created drama. I am not judging myself (thanks to scs), but want your guidance on how I could handle these situations next time when they happen.
It was an important event in my family (which I had planned a lot in terms of time and money) and I wanted everything to go perfectly.
But the photographer team arrived 30 mins late to the venue. It made me furious. I was calling them desperately for ETA and they kept telling me they would get there when they get there. I felt helpless and I could do nothing about it, since I still want their services but felt cheated, betrayed and they were totally unprofessional.
The good thing was since I’m a scholar I recognized all these as my thoughts in that situation and tried different thoughts like –
Its going to be okay
They are still going to take fabulous pictures even if they miss the first 30 mins of the event.

But they didn’t work! My brain kept going back to the thoughts –
They are so unprofessional.
I can’t believe they are being late when Im paying them so much.

Eventually they showed up, apologized and did their job perfectly fine. But I was so resentful and it reflected in the first few pictures (angry grumpy face lol). I again recognized that, moved on in a few minutes and rest of the pictures are beautiful.

So my question is, how do you not create drama when you expect something professionally or some service that you paid for?
I could not send them back, because I need them to cover the event, so I felt I was at their mercy.
My brain constantly told me – Do not let them go, you need to escalate this matter. This is totally unacceptable. Be angry, show your resentment (even at the cost of spoiling your mood 🙁 )

Thanks and I look forward to your response