24/7 Pain

I’ve faced serious medical issues since I was born (I’m 62). There have been multiple different types of diseases that I’ve dealt with. I’ve always had a warrior attitude. It did not dictate my life or define me. Currently I’m dealing with my MS and in addition my spine is basically collapsing. As a result, pain encompasses most every moment of the day. Medication that I take is not being very effective to conquer the pain as of late. It’s beginning to affect my ability to be active.

What I don’t want is the added burden of emotional pain. Here are some of the intentional thoughts I use to help:
You are strong. Look at all you’ve survived.
You have handled worse.
You are so lucky to have the loving support system you do.
My finances and home life are the best possible environment to deal with my current life.

I know as coaches you encounter people dealing with chronic pain. Any wisdom to add?

Thank you