25 fails for 365 project

Hi Brooke and Coaches: I’m looking for some help with the 25 fails for Q1. My impossible goal is to take a picture a day every day of the year and post online as I go. The result will not only be photographs of my young kids, but also – and, I think, most importantly – showing myself that I can commit to something and show up for myself every day. My brain is telling me that the goal is so simple that it’s a crappy goal and that I can’t come up with 25 fails. However, I am trying to force my brain to be creative. Some of the fails I have brainstormed include: Try to do different techniques I don’t know how to do, such as moving subject in focus, background blurry; macro of the baby’s blue eye; choose a famous photograph to re-create; join a photography group and tell my peers about the project; ask for a critique from a photography group or photographer; learn a new editing technique through a YouTube video and post my first draft. … Trying to pick things that feel completely scary to me. Any other suggestions? Thank you!