25 Fails for Impossible Goal

My impossible goal for 2019 is to weigh 160 pounds. I am really struggling with what a WORTHY fail for an impossible weight loss goal is – let alone 25 per quarter. I have plenty of escape fails but I am staring at a blank page for worthy fails in Q1.

Conceptually, I understand the difference between a worthy and escape fail. This is a huge roadblock for me and I am guessing that is part of me keeping myself in a state of confusion or overwhelm because I don’t want to fail. And I know that state of confusion/overwhelm keeps me safe from failing but I want to fail – I want to fail over and over again because this gets me closer to my goal rather than not trying at all. Failing to meal plan, stick to protocol, eat at home, etc all seem superficial or escape fails. If this was your goal, what would your worthy fails look like? Thanks Brooke!