25 Impossible Actions

I finally came up with 25 outrageous actions for my impossible goal of bringing in $100k through a coaching business, while holding a full-time job. However, just looking at the list makes me feel defeated, even though the intention is to allow myself to fall. I don’t even know how to prioritize the list or which one I should start working on first. I’ve been doing the models but they seem so Pollyanna, and I don’t feel convinced.
C: I wrote down 25 action items
T: that’s too much to do
F: discouraged
A: don’t know where to start
R: have too much to do

C: I wrote down 25 action items
T: that’s a lot but I don’t have to do them perfectly
F: relief (but not really)
A: take the top action item and work on it
R: I make some progress and gain confidence