25 planned fails list

My IG 2019 is to have 20 paying clients in my coaching program. I am currently signed up for life coaching certification. Certification will be my first experience with coaching (outside of being in scholars and Be Bold this year).

Here are my 25 planned fails (in no particular order):
1) Self-coaching (at least 1 TDL and 2 models) every day
2) Accumulate 100 urges while working
3) Write and share 12 personal blog posts
4) Honor calendar 100%
5) Read all of the Life Coach School books
6) Schedule screen time for the entire week every week
7) Do 12 Instagram lives
8) Weigh 145 lbs
9) Create and honor protocol every day
10) Create home office
11) Clear 10 hours in schedule for training each week
12) Watch and participate in LCS courses
13) Tell everyone Iā€™m going to be a life coach
14) Exercise 4x/week every week
15) Record and listen to self coaching 25 times
16) Get coached by a LCS coach (6 week package)
17) Read 6 personal development books
18) Have a date night with my husband every single week
19) Schedule downtime 1st each week
20) Create and honor a social media posting schedule to go along with personal blog posts and podcasts
21) Find/choose 3 groups to participate in on FB
22) Attend all (or watch) live coaching calls and submit for the ones I can attend
23) Submit ?ā€™s to Ask Brooke/Jody at least twice a week
24) Create and record 12 personal podcasts
25) Become a part of a disciple/connect group at church