25 qtrly actions/results for impossible goal

Just need clarification on the 25 ‘fail’ attempts for impossible goal-are they 25 results or 25 actions?

When listening to Brooke, it seems results, but manual reads actions.

How “big” should these be? Right now-they are all huge for me…like attempting 2-3 would fill my quarter…

I will be using my 20 min session to go over this-but would like insight. I am using these 25 to then strategize the massive action I need to take each day-breaking it all down. So impossible goal is 250k from art licensing. So some samples of 25 are – draw 3 hours per day, create fabric collection each month, set up portfolio website, submit collection each month to Silhouette Design Store, collection to vector stock, set up planner shop on Etsy….