26 Models

I’ve been doing a couch to 10K running program for about 7 weeks, it gets progressively harder – more running and less walking. I decided to do my running on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, however this morning being Monday I did not go for my run.
My thoughts were – I’m too tired, it’s getting too hard, I didn’t want to miss the call from work, I’m lazy, I never finish anything, it’s getting too late now, it isn’t safe.
I did a model with one of my thoughts.

C: I did not run this morning
T: It’s getting too hard
F: Deflated
A: Stay in bed, scroll on my phone
R: Don’t go for run

I’m trying to tell myself that I’m going to go for a run when I get home from work, but I finish work at 8pm and wont be home till about 8:30 so in reality it is unlikely.
This has become a bit of a thing for the past 3 weeks that I’ve ditched my Monday run – it was raining, it was my 1 day off in a long time and I was exhausted. I don’t love running but I am enjoying showing up for myself and my increased fitness. I don’t want to sabotage myself and all my progress, but it seems to be happening.
Your guidance is appreciated.