3 or 4 hormones in check… but one is kicking my butt!!

Hi Brooke! Hope you’re loving the deep heat in TX. 🙂

SCS has been amazing for me – 14 pounds down so far in getting to fat adapted (huge terrifying goal of 80lbs to lose that I would never have dared w/o this process!). Being fat adapted is such freedom, and instead of deprivation, I feel like I know my body for real for the first time since childhood.

My challenge is this. In week 3 of my cycle, and into week 4, I get monster cravings related (I think) to progesterone spiking & to my body trying to rebalance depleted seratonin. I try to do a model & gently notice the craving, knowing this is just my hormones’ way of trying to prep & protect my body in ways I don’t need right now, not an expression of actual hunger for fuel. I’ve tried to bump up the fat a little with adding coconut milk/oil and cocoa powder to things, or roasting veggies in fat instead of primarily relying on salads, both of which feel a bit more luxurious & sating. But is that handing my eating right back over to desire/pleasure? This is also corresponding with a weight loss plateau, unsurprisingly. The cravings just keep coming, and doing the model over and over with it is getting frustrating/exhausting when it feels like this time it’s coming from inside the house — my body instead of my thoughts. Or is that just my brain tricking me into regressing??

Ha. Losing it over here, as you can probably tell. 😉