3 Days in!

I was super excited about May when I heard it’s about relationships and of course I turned to “all the people” I wanted to work on. Then I thought well I might need to work on relationship with myself! Nah, no way! Then I read ask Brooke someone said can it be a relationship with ourself and u said Yes. Then of course I go into freak out mode and didn’t start homework but for 3 days pondering how could I even start thinking about my relationship with me? Then there was my answer and why it was making me feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t everyone else I needed to work on the relationship. IT WAS WITH ME!!! Let’s just say I did go back to day one and focused on me first and wow what an eye opener!!!! The TDL’s, the questions u asked in podcast 1&2, all true brain changers. My brain is exploding. Why when we write all the good n the bad come out? Thanks for this month Brooke. Only 3 days in and seriously mind blowing moments! Can’t wait to see u in August!