3 New Clients for September

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
My goal for September is to get 3 new clients. I am a life Coach. Still finding my Niche. I started coaching because I was a massage therapist and my belief is that the pain in the body is caused by not addressing thoughts in the mind, therefore creating bodily pain. Since I started coaching I am all over the place, holding manifesting parties and Money Manifesting workshops. My workshops aren’t getting clients anymore, despite fantastic feedback. I really want to focus on one on one coaching. I think I could get new clients if I knew what to do.
I think I need to create free content videos to release on Facebook. At the moment I record random videos on what I am passionate about that day. I feel I am doing more harm than good promoting myself without concrete congruent market. Or is it best to just get out there? Am I judging myself? What other things could I do please.

Love Jules