– My 3 no’s . AMD

Hi Brooke,

Big Smile! Big Hug! Thanks so much for coaching me yesterday. What a ride. I had back to back coaching with you and Pat on the same issue… the sessions were both SO helpful and SO different. Cool experience.

1. A big shout out to Pat B. Before I got on the call with you, I had a session with Pat B, whom I’m working with for 4 sessions this month. She’s such a gentle and wonderful coach and she helped me figure out a way to find all the things on my calendar that were “dumped” on me… and helped me figure out how to put them back where they belong. LOVE HER. Anybody wondering about getting a 4 pack… so worth it. —NO number 1: VP asked me to handle an issue for her that doesn’t belong to me. I set up a meeting. Pat asked me, what value are you adding? NONE. Today, I checked if the responsible party had accepted the meeting. Nope. I went to her office, explained the issue, she agreed to take the meeting and that I was not needed. Then she asked me if I could schedule it later. I said, I can cancel it and you can schedule it. Or I can leave it and not attend. Done.

2. Jewelry is the new Tupperware – 5 pm, supposed to go to a Jewelry party and get talked into buying jewelry I don’t care for. Love the hostess though. — Tupperware? Dog? Tupperware? Dog. Called her up… Hey, sorry it’s short notice but I something came up and I’m not going to make it. That sucks, she said. You have plenty of people coming right? Yes, Oh yeah she says. Cool. Have fun. DONE.

3. Transitioning to new job…
the guy whose job I’m taking… “Hey, in that meeting I told XXX to not let the consultant sit idle. ”
“Yep,” I say, “I get it.”
“Well, it wouldn’t be good,” he says.
“Right.” I say. “Let me ask you, what do you expect me to do here? Are you asking me to monitor this situation?”
“Well,” he says, ” I was hoping you would.”
“My schedule is full today and Monday. How about you do it today and Monday, and I’ll take over next week?”
“I should get half credit for this no,” he says ( I told him I committed to saying no to 3 things) – I just smile.
He said “I need a life coach… ” and I said, “Yeah. You do buddy.”


It’s a gorgeous evening out… gotta go walk my beautiful dog now. CIAO!