3 Thoughts after reading “Why you aren’t taking action…?”

I wasn’t sure where I needed to go with this sharing, but here it is with #1 being a repeat of a previous post.

1. I change all the “you” words to “I” in all transcripts and booklets. For me, this makes the information more personal in my head.

2. I love your use of the word “mind” over brain in this writing. As a teacher of future RNs, I differentiated the two as the brain being an organ and with the exception of maldevelopment or trauma, everyone has the same organ. BUT no one has the same mind (speaking of thoughts and emotions which emanate in one’s mind). I would tell them that although I have literally touched brains, (and I confess to this next line was awkward for an academician to state), I have never (physically) touched a mind. (In actuality, I figuratively touched over 3400 minds in my 17 years. A former professor provided a formula to translate those new RNs into patients served. Over 600,000 patients. What an impact that had on me even though I wasn’t alone in their success.)

3. After absorbing p. 20, I had this thought. One of my heroes is Walt Disney. At the end of the film, “Meet the Robinsons”, the final screen fills with this motivating quote of his…
“Around here…we don’t look backwards for long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down paths”.

Thank you for being YOU!