30 day goal BM

Dear Brooke

There are lots of goals I could have set but I decided to do the one that I feel would benefit me the most in my life now. I know that yoga is really good for me, its good for my energy, it helps me sleep, its great for both my mind and my body and I usually go to one class a week which is great but it doesn’t offer the long term benefits that a regular practice does. So, I have decided to set my goal to practice yoga every single day for a month because this will be amazing for me and its something I have always wanted to do but could not find the motivation before.

Obviously I have lots of negative thoughts like “I can’t be bothered” “I never stick to it” “I am so unmotivated” etc So here is my IM, would you mind checking it please

C Yoga for 30 days
T I can totally do this 100%
F highly motivated, focused, dedicated
A On my mat everyday at the set time of 3pm
R 30 days of yoga, goal completed and hopefully the motivation and habit change to make it a part of my daily life forever!

Many thanks 🙂