30 Day Goal – Introduce a New Goal?

Hi Brooke,

My 30 Day Goal is to stay on protocol & go to yoga every day for 30 days; I will know I’m done b/c I would have lost between 7 – 10lbs. So far I’m doing a pretty good job with following through on my daily commitments and have found it easier than I thought (Yay!!!). Am I setting a goal that is too easily attainable? I don’t want to spin in indecision but I feel good about being able to sick to my commitment and doing everything on my calendar related to losing these 7 – 10lbs. I want to push myself and maybe tackle an area that is more challenging. Right now with my time I am work full time, going to yoga, doing work around planning and eat according to protocol and was thinking of introducing an artistic endeavor I’ve been thinking about trying . Is it too early to introduce another goal? Should I just keep at it my original goal?