30 day goal wp

in coach training there is the exercise of a 30 day goal

I have many goals and have been in scholars a year I have not made much progress in my big impossible goal at all. (around Career)

Since there are many areas I want to work on, schedule, finding and marrying my soul mate, coach training, scholars, career, health and fitness, son, moving and income producing.(not in that order) Could it be efficient to choose following my calendar and scheduling daily and weekly and following my food protocol as my 30 day goal?

so my 30 day goal would be follow a time and food protocol 20 days out of 30 completing my top 3 achievements every day ….

do you think that is not exercising constraint…?

I want to make more progress towards my goals and feel like using my pre frontal on my time and food could get me there and feels right. However I struggle with maybe I should just stay focused on building my biz and making money and that just feels terrible but maybe the calendar will help me with baby steps.

I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this