30 people signed up so far

A couple weeks ago I wrote in to say I wanted to get 20 people signed up for my mindfulness meditation class which starts October 11 for four weeks. I wrote and submitted a story from the local paper about the class sent two emails to my list put up fliers and have told everyone I run into. I have 30 people signed up. I have taught this class five times in the last year and a half and always had about 20 people and we all sat in a big circle on back jacks on the floor. At first I thought I can’t take more people because I will have to change the configuration of the room and bring out chairs and it will be so different. Then I realized that that’s just my thoughts and there is no hard and fast rule here. I get to decide what I want and how I want to do it and as long as I am creating value for everyone in that room I can totally have more than 20 people. I have some people who are coming back for a second or third time and I’m worried that they won’t like the way I changed the configuration of the class, They will want it the way it used to be. (Circle on the floor) But then again that’s just my own thinking, there are no facts to any of that.
I feel both excited and scared, (depending on which thought I use) this is what I am working with now:
C. Meditation class
T. How lucky that I get to teach so many people and they get to have some of my wisdom that has the possibility to change their life.
F. Excited, motivated, expansive
A. Coming up with new ideas that create amazing value for everyone who has signed up.
R. The best class mindfulness meditation class I have ever given.

Another thought I’m working with is:
Tara Brach does big rooms and so can I.

It’s another month till class starts so more people will still sign up. I am thinking at some point, if that happens, of starting another class, if I can find time that is open in the calendar.
What are your thoughts on size, waiting lists, adding more classes etc.. my scared mind wants to hook on to, “I have way too many people signing up!” That is pure poison, as that thought freezes all creativity as all my energy drains into worry!
Thanks for any insight here.