31 day goal, MHO

I’m starting my 31 goal planning now and I want to address my productivity and Monday Hour One. Specifically I want to figure out how to best utilize my time between Zoom calls at work to be productive, rather than to take a mental break. I also want to get some essays written and produce some output in other ways. Its like I’m a sponge for info, but I’m not doing a great job of processing it and connecting the dots for myself and my colleagues in a clear way. I wonder if this is a Monday Hour One issue? I also see some other goals hidden within my Monday Hour One goal, like getting a workout in and accomplishing other things.

Ultimately, how do I get this into a model? What is the C line?

C – tasks
C – 31 day goal
C – desire to produce written work

I want my R line to look like this;
R – Monday Hour One goal accomplished (four essays written, worked out, productive during downtime)

Help please, I feel like I’m jumbling this!