39 negative thoughts about my job. Where do I start?

I’m 8 weeks into a new corporate job. It is the same type job I had in the past, but with a new company and much higher compensation. Prior to this job I started a biz, and after a year I lost about $6K, so I went back to corporate and took this job only for the money. Not a good reason, but that’s why I did it.

I’m having a hard time managing my emotions and thoughts towards this job. I did a thought download and 39 negative thoughts came up. How do I manage all these thoughts? Do I pick one a day and work on a model for each until all are covered? Do I repeat (read/write) the 39 intentional thoughts I want to believe daily until my beliefs start to change? Do I start with the thoughts that seem stronger than others in terms of the feelings they create?

My plan is to be at this job for 5 years until I’m fully vested in my 401K and we’ve paid off our home. After that, I’ll quit. I’m concerned that if I don’t manage my thoughts I won’t be able to make it to 5 years.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!