3rd follow up on Sister unconditional love/

I have done additional thought work on this. I am committed to love her unconditionally- and that feels good. I know I cannot control her behavior, and I know that her opinion of me doesn’t matter much to my well being–she can, and may, think and say anything about me. I also am committed to being in respectful, loving relationships, and know setting a boundary is the key here.

So in the past, she has called my response pompous, passive aggressive and unprofessional on a text message. If she berates me again, I plan to respond accordingly:

“You have just verbally abused me. I am removing myself from this interaction by blocking you from my phone for a few days to give me the space I need. I love you.”

I am not expecting nor wanting an apology from her. I plan to unblock her when I feel ready (my intuition will know) and will simply text her to say: “you are unblocked” once I do so. And then any correspondence will and can pick up as however it will.

This feels clean to me and I’d appreciate input from you, in case you see that there is anything I’m missing. Thanks!