5 ideas for next level coaching

Maggie here with my 5 ideas for next level coaching

What they need from a cookbook coach:
*The road/direction to an agent or publisher, or clear path to self-publishing.
*Ongoing support and encouragement to follow their chose path to publication
*Someone to answer pre-publication /publication questions
*Someone to model the possibilities in cookbook writing and project completion and results-oriented thinking
*Daily commitment to their work
*Their cookbook proposal in the hands of an agent or editor
*a completed cookbook manuscript

How I can help:
*Provide ongoing support as they write proposals and manuscripts through a combination of private coaching sessions, group training, and Q&A calls
*Provide templates for cookbook proposals and query letters
*Read and edit cookbook proposals
*Offer live training sessions in my town or via-Zoom to discuss advanced writing, publishing, recipe testing and development techniques
(*Teach them the model about their cookbook writing results and the effects of their thinking.)

I would offer this Cookbook Pub 202 at a monthly rate for anyone who has completed the 6 month mastermind program. (Is there a need to package this for 6 weeks/ 6 months at this point?)

Thanks for asking me to provide concrete examples here. Very helpful.

Maggie Green