5 million more thank-yous!

Today I have let the desire come on 4 different occasions and started to resist it or give in to it and then based on yesterday’s class just stopped and let the desire come! I just let my insides be flush with it and then let it run thru me. I am so amazing and happy to have this skill. I am awe of the flipped switch in my mind. I have spent so many years trying to resist desire with little to no success.

Today I have desired Starbucks breakfast sandwich and tea, macaroni salad, a cookie, chocolate and a brownie. Each time my mind wants it and wants it N O W! I have just gently said “let’s sit with the desire for a moment and then see if we still need it.” Then I say I can say no.” And I have! Amazeballs!

So today I am sending you another 5 million thank yous!

Girl-this shiz is off the hook!