5 models

I think these models have created most of the results in my life. Can you have a look and let me know what else you see?

C: I didn’t respond to an email
T: I hate myself
F: self-loathing
A: buffer to escape my thoughts with my phone, games, alcohol, coffee, sugar, ice cream, sleep. lay in bed. continue not to respond. project my own self-judgment onto my partner by thinking he is judging me the same way I am judging me. avoid looking at my email. sit on the couch. cry.
R: I believe I am not worthy or good enough based on the actions I’ve taken in the past

C: I notice the thought “I hate myself”
T: There is something wrong with me for thinking that
F: shame
A: buffer. don’t tell anyone including therapists, coaches, friends, family etc.
R: I am layering on suffering?

C: feelings in my body
T: I should feel better
F: restless
A: constantly think about trying to solve my feelings by buying coaching, courses, books, etc. Try meditation, psychics, tarot cards, etc. Buffer to escape. Don’t actually feel or be present to my body.
R: I am in a cycle of not feeling and creating negative emotions and then avoiding them

C: I notice the thought “I hate myself”
T: I need to stop thinking that
F: frustrated
A: go to psychics, buy and read books, listen to podcasts, buy coaching
R: debt. I am resisting my own thoughts instead of observing them and letting them pass by. I believe there is a problem with the thought.

C: jobs
T: I can’t do anything
F: inadequate
A: don’t apply to new jobs, quit my 2 jobs, don’t reply to potential client
R: I fire myself, $0, no job or business. I prove I can’t do anything.

T: This is a neutral circumstance.
T: There goes that sentence again.
T: I am willing to feel the full human experience.
T: There is nothing wrong with me
T: I can do some things