5 year old with food allergies

Hello coaches! I have a 5yo with food allergies who’s currently on a peanut desensitization program. She gets daily doses of peanuts (and escalated weekly) that will train her body to not react to her allergens. She’s had 1 anaphylactic episode during the program where we used her Epi pen and went to the hospital. Last night after her dose, she had hives come and go for about 2 hours, and I used a lot of self-coaching to get myself through the experience because fear and worry don’t help me manage her care. Today, I’m going trying to decide if I want to continue the therapy. After her first Epi episode, we decided to continue with the therapy. But after last night, I can see my brain going back and forth on this decision.

C OIT program participation
T I don’t want her to have another reaction and die
F Fear
A I sit in worry and catastrophize
R I don’t make a decision based on the best thing for her – I decide from a place of fear. I’m always going to have the same T with either decision because she could have a reaction from regular life or from OIT and I”m always going to think “I don’t want her to die”.

C OIT program participation
T What’s the best thing for her: increase her exposure to peanuts and learn how to deal with an anaphylactic episode, or get out of the program and avoid all peanuts for the rest of her life?

This is where I get stuck in trying to answer my own question in the T line. It feels like there is a right answer and a wrong answer – and the wrong answer means I’m putting her life at risk. It feels so true that there’s a right answer here! I could use your help to get unstuck and make a decision. Thank you!