50/50 help


I noticed I didn’t understand the negative part of 50/50. I understood and accepted that bad things happen and that’s 50/50 but I haven’t accepted that sometimes we wake up and feel like poo for “no reason” meaning nothing happened for us to attach a thought to, to then feel like poo. I wake up and feel apathy/lack of interest and that’s a part of 50/50 too. This happened yesterday. I woke up uninterested in life. I wanted to lay around, instead I went on to complete my planned day. I self coached, but still felt close to the same. By the end of the work day, I became annoyed. I wanted to feel positive emotion. This is when I noticed I don’t accept the idea of 50/50. I would like to start accepting it.

How can I do this with my specific example? Also, if there’s a module on this, I’d like direction to it as well.

Thank you Coach.