50/50 toddler tantrums

Hi Brooke,

I have been working on thoughts surrounding my toddler having tantrums or expressing big negative emotions:

C: Toddler Screaming
T: He shouldn’t be screaming. I can’t handle this.
F: Annoyance
A: Yell at him. Give in. Avoid him.
R: Unable to handle situation

C Toddler Screaming
T I can handle all my emotions. I got this.
F in control
A take control of situation. Breathe through tantrum.
R Stay in control. Don’t let toddler’s behavior create my feelings.

My question is. Is this part of the 50% that I should keep negative? I’ve been running a ton of models on this situation and in the moment I still think/react in a similar way. Lately it has been giving in to alleviate the situation to create new thoughts of “Ok now it’s over.” which creates a feeling of relief. I don’t want to yell at him or avoid him. But I can’t seem to steer away from the thoughts that cause the negative emotions. Should I just let this stay negative and feel it?