$50K art week, #2

Thank you so much for your response to my last post – a huge help!

I did explore this…
You wrote: “She is not distracted by self consciousness” is such an interesting thought…is this why “This is no big deal” feels so good to you? So good to explore.”

and this:

“Be looking for the T you’ll have when you fully believe you’ve achieved your goal, and choose to believe it now, no matter what. There will be no self-consciousness in it at all. No doubt, because it’s happened. No convincing because it’s already done. What does that feel like? That thought, that feeling and the actions that come from them are what will truly align your model.”

I’ve been thinking, meditating, self-coaching – talking these questions for walks. And I keep registering to the part of the Aligned Model podcast where you ask what will be the middle of the model when our C and R are the same.

And it all feels very related to this quote I’ve loved for years – and made one of the cornerstones of my group coaching program: “The objective isn’t to make art, it is to be in that state of being which makes the art inevitable.” YES, I just know that’s it and it seems like the aligned model to me, too.

What I’ve come to is that when my C and R are aligned, what I will be feeling is safe, deeply satisfied, and in love with what I’m doing.

I have some thoughts though am not sure if this is exactly the thought yet:

I am safe.
I get to be me.
I define me, I create me – I don’t need anyone’s permission or validation to do this.
I have this in me.
This is what I do.
This is who I am.
I love this.

Your thoughts? What is your thought for your aligned $100million model? Thank you!

(PS – I JUST realized yesterday that for two weeks in August while I was thinking about and coaching on this $50K of art, I was also working on selling private coaching and my group coaching…and made exactly $50K from that. I mean, I didn’t just realize yesterday that I made $50K – I’d known that for longer, but it was just yesterday that it dawned on me that I had a $50K goal for art while I ended up creating $50K in life coaching income).