$50K art week

The goal I had last month is perfect for this month. $50K art week. I wanted to report back with how I did it – but I didn’t do it. So, that was a big disappointment and I’ve learned some things.
And now this month I’m going to do it.

Listening to The Aligned Model podcast and Who You Are Becoming was great timing.

One thing I now realize about the model I had to help me create $50K art/week was that I had written:
C: $50K art in a week challenge

But when I listened to the Aligned Model podcast and relistened to Who You Are Becoming (and revisited my own Joe Dispenza notes), what I realized was that my future self, the artist who has created that Result of $50K of art in a week, is not looking at it as a challenge. Who I want to become is not looking at it as a challenge. She is looking at it as, “yes, this is what I do. I know myself, I trust myself, I trust the process and I love this and this is just what I do.” That’s my aligned model.

So, before, without realizing it, I put a non-neutral thing in the Circumstance line and I was trying to have better (less scared) thoughts about it.

Here was my “no result” model:
C: $50K painting challenge
t: I am not a good enough artist yet
F: Shame
A: work – a lot of painting – but it’s like procrastinating painting – most of it leading though to dead ends, paintings that I don’t like at all so are unfinished, I do a lot of painting but avoid the “money” decisions – the things that clinch the painting and bring it all together. I just paint from confusion and stay in confusion.
R: I don’t have the results of “a good enough artist.”

Here is where I am now and I would love to know what you think:
My goal is to have had a $50K/art in a week by Sept 29.
I should approach this by having the C and the R be the same and then my work is in the middle….

C: $50K art week
R: $50K art week

My future self is not worried about proving herself as an artist or a “good enough artist.” She is an artist. She both knows and trusts herself but so much so that she doesn’t even have to think about whether she’s good enough or not. She creates, powerfully so, she does her thing. She is confident and loves the process, loves creating. She flows. She is not distracted by self-consciousness. She feels equal to any task, trusts that she always finds her way into a piece and through to the end. She is willing to feel discomfort AND she is also willing to let things come naturally, to give herself permission for it to be easy and fun (thanks for the high vibing new thought, Lauren C!).

I am borrowing a lot from my experiences as a long distance triathlete and as a coach for this last one – and for my best times painting so far. I know the power place is a strange paradox of huge trust and also self-forgetting – not even thinking thoughts about myself (because that’s a sure way to get off track).

Here are my thoughts I’d be thinking/my future self thinks in my aligned model:
This is what I am made for.
This is exactly how it goes.
This is no big deal (surprisingly this one feels awesome to me – both super intense and also open/settled/relaxed)
I am always guided.
I love this.
I do this all the time.
I am ahead of the game.
I know exactly what I am doing even if I don’t know how I know
This comes naturally to me.

My bridge thoughts are:
I am made for this.
Act as if guided on everything.
This gets to be easy, this gets to be fun!
I am willing to feel the discomfort and still finish.
Bring it on!
I don’t indulge in doubt.
I know I’m a champion.
This is happening.
Doubt and fear can just watch me work.

Any coaching/insights you have here I would love and appreciate! Thank you! XOXO