5:2 intermittent fasting?

Hi Brooke,
Loving SCS/Stop Overeating so much! I have been working through the Stop Overeating materials over the last month. When I began them, I had already committed to trying a 5:2 intermittent fast (500 calories on two fast days; regular healthy eating on the other five) for a month. Along the way, in response to Stop Overeating, I cut out flour and sugar and created a protocol I follow (which included sticking to 500 calories on fast days, but did not commit to an 8-hour window). Am proud to say I have lost 12 pounds over the last month. Woohoo! 35 to go.

So the question: now that the month of 5:2 is up, I am considering switching to the 8-hour eating window you recommend. I’m wondering if you have ever investigated the 5:2 method of intermittent fasting and if so, how 5:2 compares to the 8-hour window method. I’m willing to make the switch but am hesitant, given that I’ve had good results so far. Then again, the 8-hour window approach seems like it would be easier when I travel.

What do you think?

Thanks for everything! You’re a rock star, and you’re helping me feel like one, too!!